I met with an accident 2 days back, FIR is filed against me

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 Last week on Monday evening at about 7.30 pm I met with an accident at AIIMS Hospital Signal. We both were on motorbikes. As the signal turned green we started moving, but unfortunately entangled with each other and dropped onto the road. The other person riding the motorbike was in a drunken state. A few cars stopped to see the incident. There was a doctor amidst them and he was kind enough to get down and check us both. I got a few bruises while the other person suffered a possible simple fracture. The doctor took my address and motioned me to leave after administering First Aid to me. The other person he took with him to the hospital for a thorough check up.But to my surprise the very next day, police came to my house and told me that the injured person was a police constable and he had pressed charges against me. The police arrested me and impounded my vehicle which had to be released from court.What kind of justice is this? For no fault of mine, I was harassed and taken to Court. No FIR was filed against him, and neither was his vehicle impounded. Why should I have to pay him? Please advise on the correct legal recourse?

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As far as I can understand from your version, there is no fault from your end...

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 As far as I can understand from your version, there is no fault from your end. So I think you should file a Counter FIR against him in the same Police Station.