About Us

www.LegalAdviceIndia.com is a genuine effort by skilled law professionals of India who are desirous of giving their free services back to society. At Legal Advice India we are a group of energetic lawyers that want to offer our knowledge and experience for FREE to poor and needy people of India who cannot afford to avail of such services otherwise.

Our system helps persons seeking legal advice & help in 2 different ways:

1.  Online FREE Legal Advice to anyone seeking for legal help. Simply fill in your Question

     and we will reply back to you

2.  Free legal assistance to file or face legal suit/ response to a legal suit.


This option is available only to poor class of society who cannot afford costly legal advice/help.


This option is available in limited cities of India for now. We have city based limitations because we do not have member advocates in all cities. If you are an advocate and want to be a part of this social work, you can join us and can help us helping people in need of legal assistance in your city.

To get free legal advice online - Please email to - advice@LegalAdviceIndia.com

To get legal assistance in your city - Please email to - assistance@LegalAdviceIndia.com